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Kobleder informiert kontinuierlich zu neuen Entwicklungen, spannenden Materialien und aktuellster Technik. Wenn Sie gern von uns auf dem Laufenden gehalten werden wollen, dann melden Sie sich hier an.

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At home in northern Austria and the world of knitwear since 1927

Kobleder is a family-run producer of knitwear and knitted fabrics now in its third and fourth generation. We combine tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology to create the perfect synthesis.

Internationally active yet deeply rooted in our region, we create products that aspire to be among the best technical knitted fabrics in the world.

Alongside production and service, we initiate research and development projects and product developments with partners and research institutions. But never forget our roots. With the fashion labels »Kobleder seit 1927« and »Toni Kobleder«, we offer premium brands for knitwear.

Knitting: Two product ranges, one craft

At Kobleder, we are active in the following fields:

Production and manufacture of technical knitted fabrics

Continued processing and assembly of technical knitted fabrics in complete product solutions

Partner and initiator of research and development in the area of knitted spacer structures and innovative flat-knitted fabrics

Master craftsmanship, continuity and a pioneering spirit are all values that we cherish to this day

Kobleder uses cutting-edge, computer-controlled knitting machines, and has the full range of specialist machinery required for producing knitwear. We currently employ around 50 people at our headquarters in the town of St Martin in northern Austria.

Knitting begins with an idea and demands skilled hands

Stricken beginnt im Kopf. Jede einzelne Masche muss am Computer gezeichnet und programmiert werden. Ein CAD-Programm unterstützt den Stricktechniker.

Ever since the company was founded in 1927, we have taken pride in our master craftsmanship and ambitious design. To this day, our home and our people are at the centre of what we do.

Production in Austria – A proud tradition with an exciting future

Sustainability is an important part of our company culture. This begins with the way our own knitting technology efficiently prevents waste. Almost 100% of our energy needs are covered independently by water, solar and wind energy. This also helps to secure jobs in the region.

At Kobleder, we show how it is possible to maintain a flow of knowledge across generations and expertise in terms of material and products in the region. This helps secure the future of production sites and creates a culture, design and craftsmanship legacy that is futureproof.