Manufactured in Austria Manufactured In Austria

Our light and lighting products play with transparency, refraction and colour. The fabrics either allow light to pass through or illuminate themselves when activated.


Alongside knitted furniture covers, lights and illuminated textile wall surfaces are becoming increasingly important in living spaces, particularly in furniture. The dual function of light refraction and noise insulation, which is unique to these fabrics, offers great potential for smart new design approaches. Flat-knitting technology provides the perfect basis for producing both customised, individual solutions and series products.

The knitted lamp on the right side integrates a sound absorbing surface design into an optimum lighting solution with a unique design concept, thus setting a milestone in the design and noise reduction of large spaces. Even illuminated cable tunnels and knitted skys are possible. Exhibited at Spa “Bad Vigaun” near Salzburg.

Check it out: Spa “Bad Vigaun”

The endless variety of stylish and technical fabrics opens up an interesting range of options for further development. It is also possible to combine transparent and coloured materials, as well as self-illuminating threads and fully light-absorbent yarns. Kobleder has an extensive repertoire of stylish structures and weaves – a unique advantage for our partners!



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