Manufactured in Austria Manufactured In Austria
Das Gestrick und die Komponenten des Membrane Lounge Chair.

New Developments

Kobleder has established itself as innovation leader within flat knitted technical fabrics.  25 years ago Kobleder was the first knitting manufacturer to introduce knitted fabrics in the furniture industry. One of the first products was a knitted backrest for an office task chair. At that time, no one knew if a knitted fabric is actually strong and durable enough for such applications. We proved it. Turns out, knitted fabrics are well suited for any kind of furniture. You just need to play knits to their strengths.

Till today our mission hasn’t changed. Here at Kobleder we are constantly working on new ideas and projects, collaborate closely with Universities and research new materials and machine technology. In this section you find some snapshots from our latest developments.

We strive to create new technical application opportunities, where a knit fabric solution combines form and functionality in one piece. We strongly focus on sustainability and try to minimize our carbon footprint. Consequently, we aim to utilize the benefits which come with today’s flat knitting technology.

Benefits with knitting:

  • Zero or almost no waste
  • Fully shaped to user requirements
  • individual design
  • customized solutions
  • minimum material use
  • No stitches or additional processes necessary

Tomorrow’s market needs: complex and difficult shapes, high or low lot sizes,  individual and custom designed products, minimul waste.

Our technology and expierence make it happen! Got an idea? Contact us!

3D-knitted spacer fabric

Yarn colours

We have an extended standard palette of most popular colourways. All yarns in this colour map are Polyester (PES) flame-retardant and are compliant to Flammability Standards such as CAL-117, DIN 4102 or EN 1021-1.

If your desired colour is not in our standard palette, we can offer to specially dye our yarns to your needs. We just would need a reference colour code such as RAL or Pantone. Additionally, we are offering exciting melange colours. A Melange yarn is a twist of two or more colours.

In terms of material, we also knit a wide range of Natural and synthetic fibers such as Wool, Nylon (PA), Tencel and even conductive threads and metal wires.

Just ask what you need, we are glad to help!

Colour map (Pdf)



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