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Initial contact and project kick-off

Get in touch with us with your idea or planned project. After we have evaluated it, we will work together with you to develop a plan to implement it. Possible options for materials and knitting technique will be discussed. The results will be documented in a briefing, which also defines the process, time schedule and budget.

Development & prototyping

Kobleder begins with the first tests of yarns and knit structures. After successfully evaluating the samples, prototypes of shaped parts, studies or whole knitted pieces are created, depending on the type of project. The core element of this process is the programming of the knitting machines. We will remain in constant contact with you for this and can align results with development objectives.

Testing & optimisation

Following the completion of the development and production of the initial samples, we will test and evaluate the samples together. After that, details will be worked out and final decisions about the production of the items will be made.
Colour samples are examined and new swatches created if necessary. Functional solutions will be improved where necessary. Material and accessories suppliers are briefed and the pricing is coordinated.


The result of phases 1–3 is an initial sample that is developed ready for the market and production and that fulfils all technical and aesthetic requirements. All questions about the material, colour and pattern variations are clarified and the volume, timeframe and production costs set out in a contract. Further parameters, which could include assembly, packaging and delivery, are defined. Kobleder can then begin serial production.

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