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Benefits that stand the test of time

The history of our company has always reflected the issues and challenges of the ages. At Kobleder, we believe in the strength and future of regional connections. The creativity and expertise of craftsmanship. And the need for sustainable thinking. We aim to slash our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Kobleder runs a photo-voltaic system to harness green energy from the sun.

In a time of increasingly complex social, economic and environmental requirements, Kobleder takes an active role:


Energy and environment

Kobleder covers almost its entire energy and heat requirements with renewable energy sources. We’ve taken control and exploited local geothermal resources to generate heat. We also use solar panels and wind energy to generate electricity. In 2017, we launched a hydroelectric power plant. With all sources together Kobleder now generates excess electricity that is being fed into the grid.


Kobleder is proud of its employees.

Technology and materials

Ever since its foundation, Kobleder has always been one of the pioneers of the industry. Our show workshop contains Austria’s first fully automatic knitting machine. Still fully functioning, it shows the vigour and dynamism of bygone days. This dedication remains an important building block of our success today. Our cutting-edge machines allow us to almost completely cut out waste in our production of knitted fabrics. We also have unique in-house developments for producing semi-finished technical products, for uses in the local automotive and aerospace industries. The materials we use are sourced from Austria, Germany and Italy, and are also available with an Öko-Tex and GOTS certification for stylish knitwear.

Culture and people

By creating value in our home in northern Austria, we do more than just create jobs. We help preserve an ancient craft, bring it up to date by maintaining the knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship that has grown over the years, and developing it further. Kobleder also trains the next generation, offers individual flexi-time models for staff who need them, as well as training opportunities. We also work closely with various institutes and research organisations.


woman folds garment together - cultural sustainability


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